Scientific Sessions

Track 1


Track 2


Track 3

Pharmacogenetics Pharmacogenomics

Track 4

Food Chemical Toxicology

Track 5

Neuropharmacology and Psychopharmacology

Track 6

Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Track 7


Track 8

Nursing Pharmacology

Track 9

Biochemical Pharmacology

Track 10

Ocular Pharmacology

Track 11

Environmental Toxicology Human Toxicology

Track 12

Genotoxicity and Pathology

Track 13

Pharmacological Testing and Stem cell

Track 14

Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmaco-Economics

Track 15

Advances in Pharmacological Research

Track 16

Molecular Pharmacology

Track 17

Nanotechnology in Pharmacological Use

Track 18

Treating Advanced Cancer by Novel Pharmacological Techniques

Track 19

Special Surgical Techniques and Cosmetic Psychopharmacology

Track 20

Cognitive Therapy in Pharmacology