Code Of Conduct

Guidelines for Joining Webinar:

Registered participants are allowed to participate in all the events by wearing the badge provided at the desk. Non-registered guests are strictly prohibited from entering the forum. We aim to provide a congenial ambience for all our participants to participate and spend constructive quality time with the eminent speakers. All participants, speakers, sponsors, and volunteers at UR Forum conferences are requested to abide by the code of conduct. Any whiff of impropriety is totally prohibited in UR Forum conferences. All participants must be amiable and amicable irrespective of sex, gender, religion, language, and race.

UR Forum has authorized participants to take photographs, record video or make audio recordings during the Conference. The photographs, videos and audio recordings should only be used for conference-related activities including Social media. We appreciate and value your participation by ensuring your safety. Participants are prohibited from being intoxicated or taking narcotic drugs in the conference. If any participant violates the code of conduct, the organizing committee will take stringent measures to discipline the erring participant.