Sara H Tawfik

Sara H Tawfik

Master’s degree holder from Pharos University in Alexandria, Pharmacology Department, Alexandria, Egypt

Biography :

Graduated from University of Sharjah in January 2015, Faculty of Pharmacy, Sharjah, UAE, Master degree in Pharmacology Department at Pharos University, Alexandria, Egypt. Her master’s thesis with the title of “A study on the possible protective effects of aspirin and/or chlorogenic acid on experimental myocardial infarction induced in rats” was published in two conferences, which were held at the 16th International Conference on Frontiers in Alternative & Traditional Medicine, Singapore City, Singapore in August 2021 and the 36th World Pharmacology and Therapeutics Forum, Paris, France in July 2021. Attended and participated in the activities of CardioAlex Conference in Alexandria, Egypt in June 2021. Accomplished her graduation project thesis in 2014 with the title of “The effect of novel imidazopyridine derivative on the induction and repair of DNA damage, alone and in combination with the anti-neoplastic agent Doxorubicin”. Laboratory-based molecular research to determine the mechanism of action of newly synthesized novel imidazopyridine derivative on A549 Doxorubicin resistant cell lines, AF549 wild type cell lines, and Leukemia cell lines. Participated in a bioequivalence study on Neomol versus Panadol, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE in 2012. Accomplished a workshop of Oncology for Pharmacists and certified from Alexandria Syndicate of Pharmacists, Alexandria, Egypt in 2015.