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1 Climate protection and energy efficiency in the production of pharmaceutical grade water
Dr. Frank Rogener
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2 Role of chemotactic chemokine CXCL16, ADAM10 and ADAM17 in T-cells recruitment to the pancreatic Bcells and initiation of Type 1 diabetes mellitus in Mice Modulatory action of Simvastatin
Dr. Mostafa Darwish
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3 Protective Role of Metrnl in Host Immunity Defense during Sepsis by Promoting Macrophage Recruitment and Modulating TregTh17 Immune Cell Balance
Chuan-jiang Wang
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4 Cytotoxic Effect of ZnIi-Porphyrin-Based Muldulated Nanostructure on Breast Cancer Cells, Hek-1, And L929 Normalcells
Sajedeh Tehraninejad
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5 Aspirin s potential in Her-2 positive breast cancer management
Kim Outhoff
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6 Drug and patient factors contributing to mortality among patients in decentralised MDR-TB Units in the Zululand Health District
Dennis Zulu
6 Download
Dr. S. Sugin Lal Jabaris
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8 Non-Pressurized Topical Spray of Antimicrobial and Antifungal Drug
Neelam Pawar
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9 A mesoporous gold-based single CTC analysis platform to investigate immune checkpoint protein heterogeneity in lung cancer
Emtiaz Ahmed
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10 Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Anti-arthritic potential of curcumin loaded chitosan nanoparticles
Hafiz Muhammad Asif
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11 Methotrexate as a safe immunosuppressive agent during the COVID-19 pandemic
Dr. Kiumars Bahmani
11 Download
12 Evaluation of the Diuretic Activity of 80 Methanol Extract and Solvent Fractions of Rumex nepalensis Polygonacea Leaves in Mice
Tafere Mulaw
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13 The Role of Short Peptides in Tumor Angiogenesis
Zoa Bindzi Joseph Bertin Alexis
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14 The Impact of mercuric toxicity in saline soil on growth and some of enzymes in Turnip Brassica rapa L
Alaa E. Alsaleh
14 Download
15 Evaluating the Knowledge of Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting Among Final Year Health Sciences Students at the University of Limpopo, South Africa
Dr. Rajesh Vikram Vagiri
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16 ECG findings and clinical presentations of myocardial ischemia reported among patients with cardiac metastasis from lung malignancies A Narrative Review
Swetha kannan
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