Wessam Fahmy El-Hadidy

Wessam Fahmy El-Hadidy

Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt

Biography :

Wessam F. El-Hadidy is graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria Univeristy 1995, Excellant degree, Master degree in Pharmacology 2004 &PhD in Pharmacology 2010 from Faculty of Medicine Alexandria Univerity.She was upgraded to Associate professor in pharmacology at January 2017.She is the Treasure of Egypt Association of Basic Medical Sciences.The head of sport commettie , a member of conferences commetti and the head of sophomore control at the Faculty of Pharmacy,Pharos Univerisityin Alexandria.She is an Editor of Medical research institute Journal.She is Reviewer at Human and Experimental Toxicology Journal.She has more than 20 international publications .