Keynote Speakers

Dr. Jainne Ferreira

Director of the science and health division of Neurogenesis Institute Brazil

Dr. Sheryar

Senior Lecturer, Scientific basis of Therapeutics, MAHSA University, Malaysia,

E-Conference Speakers

Dr. Alejandro Sánchez Melgar

Assistant professor of Biochemistry, Department of Inorganic, organic and biochemistry, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

Dr. Tamer Abdelmoaty Addissouky Ali

MLS MOH, MLS ASCP, PhD Biochemistry, Menoufia University, Egypt

Ola Essam Mohamed

Faculty of Pharmacy, Teaching Assistant at Pharmacology and Toxicology Department, MSA University, Egypt

Dr.Talha laique

Assistant professor Pharmacology department Lahore medical and dental college Pakistan

Dr.Seyed Mostafa Hosseinpour Mashkani

Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney, NSW 200, Australia

Dr. Mohsen Ahmadipour

School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

Dr. Harish C. Upadhyay

Laboratory of Chemistry, Department of Applied Sciences, Rajkiya Engineering College, Churk, India

Mr. K Venkateswara Rao

M.Sc, M.Tech, Ph.D University Of Hyderabad India

Deepthi Bandawane

Dr. Department of Pharmacology Progressive Education Society?s Modern College of Pharmacy India