Dr Selma Hamimed

Dr Selma Hamimed

Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Carthage University, Tunisia

Biography :

Dr. Selma Hamimed is working as PhD reseacher in the Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, Carthage Univeristy, Tunisia. Recently, get my PhD diploma in Biological and Environmental Sciences. I am a scientist loyal to treatment of agro-industrial wastewaters via biotechnological and microbiological processes. My research interests lie -amongst others- within biotechnological treatment and valorization of agro-industrial wastewater into high-added value products (food, nutraceuticals, biochemicals). As well as, I interest in nanotechnology and the biosynthesis of various nanoparticles with pharmaceutical applications. My undergraduate background in Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Engineering can also be helpful in assessing a new biological approach in the environmental sector.